New Features/Improvements

  • We’ve made a small improvement to loading times for some printouts. Printouts that don’t have graphs, such as printouts from the Administration section, will now load a little faster.
  • We’ve updated the labels for Net Funding and Net Commitment in the financial statements on the Full Opportunity printout and the Executive Summary – Opportunity printout. Those fields will now display as Loan Net Funding and Loan Net Commitment. 


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some of Andi's field tags weren't being displayed in Internet Explorer 11
  • Fixed an issue where the Total ROE on Closed Won and Closed Lost opportunities on the Relationship Impact tab sometimes showed “N/A” instead of the correct ROE.
  • Fixed an issue where the custom logo that appears under Print Options in the Administration section would continue to show the PrecisionLender default logo, even when a new logo was uploaded. This issue did not affect the printouts.