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Why should I set up a test region? 

If you’d like to make assumption changes to your Regions and Products, we recommend making these changes in a test region and test product prior to updating the Regions and Products that your users are actively using to price loans. Pricing a few examples using the new test product(s) will allow you to see the effects of the changes and adjust, if needed, before applying them to your live Regions and Products.

In addition to testing changes related to the pricing platform, test regions can be leveraged for CRM and LOS integration testing. Please reach out to your PrecisionLender Integration resource for additional details on using a test region for integration testing.


How do I create a test region?

Open the "Administration" pane on the lower-left side of the application. Click "Regions and Users" at the top left if it's not already selected. In the Reporting Regions section, click the copy icon () next to the parent region you'd like to create a child region under (this child region will serve as your test region).



This will bring up the Region Edit screen. Any product assumptions that were assigned to the parent region will be the defaults in the child region until you change them. Once you have finished making your changes, click "Save."

Shows the region edit screen


How do I create test products? 

Next, you’ll need to create test region specific assumptions for the Product(s) you'd like to test. Open the "Administration" tab on the bottom-left side of the application. Click on "Products" in the upper-left of your screen and select the Product you’d like to use for testing.


Click "Edit" in the top left corner of the Product page to enable editing. In the Product Configurations & Defaults section, click "Split Out Region."

Shows the Split Out Region option in Available Region section


This will bring up a box where you can select the Region(s) that you’d like to create custom product assumptions for. Select your test region and click "Finish."

Shows the Split Out Region dialog box


At the top of the Product page, there will be an additional tab for the region that was split out. When you make Product assumption changes within your test region tab, the changes will only apply if the Product is priced in the test region. Once you’ve made any changes you’d like to test, click "Save." You’ll want to repeat this process for each Product you’d like to use for testing.

Shows a new tab with the split region


How do I price an Opportunity in a test region?

Pricing in a test region with Alternate Pricing Regions 

  • If you have this feature enabled, please see the Alternate Pricing Regions article for instructions on how to price your deal in the test region. If you’d like this feature enabled, please reach out to your Client Success Manager or our Support team.

Pricing in a test region without Alternate Pricing Regions

  • If you don’t have Alternate Pricing Regions enabled, you will need to change the Users home region to your test region. From the Administration tab on the bottom-left side of the application, click the "Regions & Users" section. Scroll down to the "Users" section and select the username of the user you’d like to add to the region.

Shows the User section in Administration

  • In the user's settings, click the "Home Region" field and select your test region from the dropdown options. Click "Save" to finalize your changes. Repeat this process for any user you'd like pricing in the test region. Once the user has been assigned to the test region, the assumptions from the test region and test product will be applied to new Opportunities.

Shows the Home Region dropdown menu