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2019-03-13 Release Notes

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New Features/Improvements

  • We're making an improvement to the way we treat all-in funding curves that are also using liquidity premiums. We will no longer infer a raw funding curve from an all-in funding curve by removing liquidity adjustments prior to calculations. This will be relevant for clients using both liquidity adjustments and all-in funding curve families, such as Libor or any of the FHLB curves
  • To simplify and improve the performance of the relationship selector in an opportunity, the percentile and net income columns have been removed
  • Buttons in the application now follow a consistent set of rules regarding the language used. We've updated the appearance of some buttons, but these are visual changes only; the functionality of the buttons hasn't changed
    • The Move Region and Copy Product screens in the Administration section have had the button updated from “Finish” to “Save”
    • The "Replace with..." option in the Product Edit screen now uses "Confirm" instead of "Finish"
    • The Update Assumptions via region change and the Pricing Date change confirmation dialog in an opportunity now use "Confirm" instead of "Yes"
    • The Delete Stage confirmation dialog in the General pane of the Administration section now uses "Confirm" and "Cancel" instead of "OK" and "Close"
    • The Add/Remove Opportunities selector from the Relationship screen now uses "Confirm" instead of "OK"
    • The Scenario Builder dialog now uses "Close" instead of "Return to Opportunity"
    • The Print Options logo option now uses "Cancel" instead of "Close"
  • Added some hover text in various areas of the opportunity
    • Added hover text to the icon in an opportunity to create a conversion loan. When you hover your cursor over the icon, you will see hover text that reads "Convert Loan"
    • Added hover text to the "x" button on a loan tab to delete a loan from an opportunity
    • Added hover text so that if you hover on the name of the loan in your active loan tab, hover text will appear reading "Rename Loan"
    • Added hover text so that if you hover on the name of the loan in a non-active loan tab, hover text will appear displaying the name of the loan. 
  • Made some small improvements to the wording of some Andi skills
  • Added some performance improvements for viewing and editing Products in the Administration section


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the collateral dropdown would resize the entire window when there were a lot of collateral options. Going forward, the dropdown will be scrollable when there are too many collateral options to fit in the window.
  • Fixed an issue where the relationship impact tab wasn't loading properly for clients using Facility Ratings
  • Fixed an issue where when a loan was duplicated using the Scenario Builder, the loan copy’s opportunity return didn’t match the original loan
  • Fixed an issue with rate sheets where the percent signs (%) weren't being displayed properly in the application and on the printouts
  • Fixed an issue where buttons had incorrect text on the funding packages page
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