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Introducing the New Andi Window

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Andi® has made a name for herself by delivering real-time insights to Relationship Managers using the latest data and technology to augment their strengths to build stronger relationships and win better deals.

Now, her home on the opportunity screen is emerging with a new look to better deliver insights and coaching and provide help when you need it.

Two Views, One Window

When you open the Andi® window, you'll notice two new icons at the top of the window. We've separated insights and chats into two separate views to make it easier to see Andi®'s insights and your conversation history, all while still being able to ask Andi® questions at the bottom of the window in either view.

Insights and Coaching

The bell indicates that you're on the view for insights and coaching. This is where you'll continue to see Andi's suggestions and recommendations for pricing your opportunity.

Shows the insights and coaching view of the window



The talking bubbles indicate that you're on the view for your Andi® conversation history. Anytime you ask Andi® a question, your questions and her responses will appear there and remain there during your session so you're able to have richer conversations and refer back to the help she's provided.

Shows the chat view of the window

You'll be able to rate Andi®'s response each time, which helps her continuously improve upon the coaching and help she provides. And in the event that Andi® provides a response that you don't find helpful, she'll offer to connect you with our Support team to help.



We’re always listening to your input, so if you have any ideas on how we can improve your Andi window experience, please let us know at

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