New Features/Improvements

  • We've made several changes to the way users can create and manage scenarios in their opportunities. These changes will allow users to change their currently priced or their pipeline scenario without opening the Scenario Builder. We've also changed some of the icons to make using scenarios easier and more intuitive. For more information, see Coming Soon: Scenario Builder Changes.
    • As part of this change, if you ask Andi about scenarios, she can walk you through the new workflow and show you how to create and manage your scenarios.
  • We've improved our calculations on the Opportunity Dashboard Export for two columns: Origination Fee and Annual Fee. For certain opportunities with a pricing date over a year ago, the origination fee and annual fee displayed in the export wouldn't match what was shown in the opportunity. For opportunities priced within the last year, origination and annual fees shown on the export will match the opportunity. As a result of this change, we will be able to better accommodate opportunities containing swaps, LOCs with scheduled commitments, and tax exempt loans in the export.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Assumptions button was positioned incorrectly in the opportunity tool bar if the user didn’t have the Advanced Analytics option enabled in their security profile.
  • Fixed an issue where opportunities with deleted pricing regions wouldn’t load and would instead display an error message. After the fix, when an opportunity has a deleted pricing region, we will show an error and prompt the user to select a non-deleted region. This fix will also apply to opportunities tied to regions that are outside of the user’s visible regions in their security profile.
  • Fixed an issue where when a loan was duplicated in the Scenario Builder, the opportunity returns for Other Products didn’t match between the original scenario and the duplicated scenario.
  • Fixed an issue where if there were multiple pieces of collateral added to an opportunity, if the RM saved and re-opened the opportunity, the collateral would sometimes be out of order. After the fix, we will display collateral in the order in which it was added.