4/5/19: Coming Soon - Scenario Builder Changes

In the upcoming release, you’ll notice our Scenario Builder has a new workflow based on feedback we heard from users like you that it was hard to quickly navigate between Scenarios.


When you’re pricing an Opportunity, you’ll notice that instead of a camera icon, you'll make a new copy by selecting the “New” button next to the Scenario name. 




You can see all of your scenarios side-by-side by clicking the “Manage All” button. Previously, you would access the Builder by clicking on the Scenario name. 




To help you move more quickly, you can now navigate to the Scenario you’d like to price by selecting it in the dropdown. 




You can also select which Scenario you’d like to include in the Pipeline by using the dropdown. As a reminder, the Pipeline Scenario will be included in dashboards and reports. We will now include “(Currently Pricing)” at the end of the Scenario you’re viewing so that you can easily differentiate between the Scenarios. 




If you ask Andi about scenarios, she can walk you through the new Scenario Builder and show you how to create and manage your scenarios.





We always welcome your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at support@precisionlender.com.