New Features/Improvements

  • We're excited to introduce the new Andi window, which has a new look to better deliver insights and coaching and provide help when you need it. The new window is separated into two views: Insights and Coaching, and Chat. For more information, see Introducing the New Andi Window
  • Added support for an "Auto" option for custom indices to be set as the default adjustable rate index at the product level. This is relevant for clients with Custom Funding Curve Families
  • When a user tries to load a deleted opportunity with the direct opportunity URL, we will now show an error message that tells the user the opportunity was deleted, with links to the dashboard and to the Support Center


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Net Funding and Net Commitment displayed incorrectly on the Financial Statements when multiple loans in the same opportunity paid off the same core loan account. We will now only apply the payoff to the first loan selected as a payoff. If the first loan's payoff is unchecked, the payoff will apply to the next loan selected as a payoff
    • The exception to this is when a user enters a different Prior Commitment or Prior Balance in the Payoff/Renewal input that's different than the sum of the core accounts selected. In those cases, we'll always use the value the user inputs
    • As part of this fix, for opportunities that have already been priced where multiple loans in the opportunity pay off the same core account, we will apply the payoff to the first loan in the opportunity
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the "Add" button in the Guarantees dialog causes the list of guarantee types to be cut off when there's a long list of guarantee types
  • Fixed an issue where Earnings on Capital weren't appearing properly on the Amortization Table
  • Fixed an issue where Scheduled Rates were able to be set high enough to cause the initial rate to go over 100%
  • Fixed an issue where an initial rate of 100% or more would lock an opportunity from being edited after it was saved
  • Fixed an issue where Andi wasn't displaying the summary or field tags on the deposit screen
  • Fixed an issue where the Adjustment Frequency input was mistakenly shortened 
  • Fixed an issue where the opportunity ROE didn't match between scenarios for conversion loans when the second scenario was created by copying the conversion loan in the Scenario Builder.