New Features/Improvements

  • We've improved the way we name scenarios for clarity. Instead of using a summary of a loan’s structure to name scenarios, scenarios will now be named in the order they are created, using the format “Scenario 1”, “Scenario 2”, etc, with the number being based off of the highest existing scenario. 
    • Renamed scenarios will no longer append “Copy(1)” when duplicated, and will follow the new naming convention.
    • If a scenario is deleted its name isn't re-used, unless it is the highest scenario.
    • We’ve added an additional section to the Description area of scenarios that contain the old naming convention as a summary of the scenario. Hovering over the Scenario names in the opportunity header will display this summary description to provide additional detail without needing to open the Scenario Builder. The new summary description is included on the Opportunity Summary, and Full Opportunity printouts.
    • The printouts for an existing opportunity will need the opportunity to be re-saved to display the new scenario name and summary description. Within PrecisionLender, you'll see the display the name change immediately without needing to re-save the opportunity. 
    • The scenario display order is now enforced in the Scenario Builder and in applicable printouts where scenarios are listed.
    • The Borrower Summary printout has been updated to have headings left aligned to match other printouts, and added the "(Pipeline)" label to the pipeline scenario for clarity. If you've added any descriptions to your scenarios, we will include those at the end of the printout. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where saved opportunities with payoffs displayed an error message when a user tried to open them.