New Features/Improvements

  • When you try to delete a loan from within an opportunity, we will now show a confirmation window asking if you're sure you want to remove the loan. This will help to prevent accidental deletions in the future. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Percent of Average Balance in the Servicing Channel didn't update when the payment type was changed
  • Fixed an issue where we weren't showing the estimated APR on Rate Sheets printouts
  • Fixed an issue where the Executive Summary printouts weren't displaying the opportunity region's default return on capital correctly
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing ranges of IP addresses from being added to the User Access Settings
  • Fixed an issue where the "Help" popup, when opened from Rate Sheets, wasn't showing links to support articles
  • Fixed an issue where Andi wasn't recommending a draw schedule for loans when the product had a default commitment of $0
  • Fixed an issue where the "Save" button could be clicked while an opportunity was in an invalid state (e.g. a blank opportunity name) without actually saving the opportunity. We will now gray out the save button if an opportunity is invalid. We will also no longer show an option to save if you close an invalid opportunity. Previously, we showed a dialog asking if you wanted to save, not save, or cancel
  • Fixed an issue where the Interest Payment column in the Amortization table wasn't reflecting payment frequency properly, and displayed a monthly interest payment no matter what frequency was set