New Features/Improvements

  • We will now allow liquidity adjustments to be negative. This isn't supported by our API yet, so clients using our API to feed us liquidity adjustments will still only be able to input positive rates, but clients entering liquidity adjustments from the Administration section can now use negative numbers
  • We've added the ability to lock an index to the adjustment frequency for floating and adjustable rate loans. Locking an index is disabled by default, but can be enabled at the product level by checking either the Lock Index to 1-Month box (for floating rate loans) or the Lock Index to Adjustment Frequency box (for adjustable rate loans). When enabled, RMs will still be able to choose from available index families, but will be locked to a specific point on the index they select. For more information about enabling this feature, visit Setting Up Commercial Loan Products, and for more information about pricing adjustable rate loans, visit Pricing an adjustable rate loan
  • Added performance improvements for loading opportunities with large relationships attached, and attaching large relationships to opportunities


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where users with read-only access to opportunities were being prompted to save their changes when they tried to close opportunities
  • Fixed an issue where the Andi skill prompting users to create conversion loans wasn't displaying. Andi will now correctly suggest a conversion loan in cases where there are two loans in the same scenario where one product could convert to the other product
  • Fixed an issue where the product history order was incorrect in the Product Edit Screen. We will now show the list of the dates and times that changes were made to the product in the correct order.
  • Fixed an issue where field tags would disappear when switching between loan tabs, or from a loan to a Deposit/Other tab, in an opportunity
  • Fixed an issue where the charts in the footer in an opportunity were slow to update when changes were made to an opportunity
  • Fixed an issue where the Andi window wasn't properly updating when adding or removing deposits
  • Fixed an issue where users weren't signed out when their session expired due to inactivity