New Features/Improvements

  • Clients who use custom indices will now be able to set a duration for each custom index. This will be especially helpful for clients who group their custom indices together to make a funding curve. Admins will be able to set a duration for a custom index only when the index is being created. After the index has been saved, the duration will be displayed as read-only. 
    • We've also added a checkbox in the custom index setup to allow admins to indicate that an index is an overnight rate. When this box is checked, we'll hide the Duration field.
  • Up until this release, we've only been showing Andi's Swap Fee suggestions in the Andi window. Now, we're also going to display those suggestions on the Swap Fee field with a new field tag. 
  • Risk Ratings in an opportunity are now keyboard accessible.


Bug Fixes

  • We've had a few clients experience trouble with backdating their pricing date on loans in cases where they've created a new pricing region recently, and their pricing date is set to before their pricing region was created. We've put some fixes in place to help with that, and added some better error messages to help our development team identify and fix these types of problems more quickly.
  • When Andi shows an error message on a field tag (for example, for an invalid input like "-1" in the Maturity field), any other suggestions on that field (for example, to reduce the maturity) will now be hidden until the error is resolved. Previously, we were displaying the error message alongside Andi's other suggestions for that field.
  • We've fixed an issue where deposit rate sheets weren't saving properly.
  • We've fixed a calculation issue for loans with a maturity of 1 month that use scheduled payment types.
  • We've fixed an issue in the Administration section that was preventing products from being reordered. 
  • We've fixed a problem with the Add/Remove button on the Relationship page that was preventing existing opportunities from being added to relationships.
  • We've fixed a small display issue with the profitability display dropdown icon in the Relationship Details section of the Financial Statements in an opportunity.
  • We've fixed an issue where some of Andi's suggestions in field tags would disappear when you switched between loan tabs in an opportunity.
  • When Andi shows an error field tag in a pop-out (for example, in the Fees pop-out) that error field tag will now also display on the parent field.