New Features/Improvements

  • We've made a few changes to the Client Security Audit. Instead of showing all records on that page, going forward we'll only show changes from up to the past 12 months, which will improve load time to prevent timeouts. After this release, you'll see records from today (7/16) forward on the Security Audit. If you'd like to see earlier records, we've added a link to the top of the audit called Archived Security Audit, which will show you everything before 7/16.
  • For clients who log into PrecisionLender directly (instead of through a CRM), we will now allow you to log in both from your bank's subdomain, if you have one (e.g. and from your default stack subdomain (e.g. 
  • Before this release, anyone setting up a range in Rate Sheets had to input at least $1000 of difference between the bottom and top of the range or we'd show you a validation error. With this change, we're removing that requirement so you can input a range like $50,000 - $50,000.
  • For clients using the Rate Sheets Connector, we've added a setting for Exception Limits. If these are set, when pricing an exception, you can only make changes up to a specific difference (in basis points) from the original rate. 
    • We've also added a setting on the Security Profile (only visible to clients who have the Rate Sheets Connector enabled) that controls whether or not a user can price rate sheet exceptions. 


Bug Fixes

  • We've fixed a bug with Andi where when you met your ROE target by clicking into a field with a green Andi suggestion and scrolling up with the mouse, the text in the field tag disappeared and left an empty box.
  • We've fixed an issue where the Scenario Comparison printout was showing different opportunity returns than we showed in PrecisionLender.
  • Before this release, scenarios that had only deposit or other products (no loan products) only listed "Deposits" or "Others" in their Scenario Description, instead of including the amount of the account. We've fixed this so that now we will always list the balance of the deposit or other account in the Scenario Description, even when you don't have loans in that scenario.
  • We've fixed an issue where Horizon Financials were showing the scenario name and table rows when an opportunity had no loans. Now, you'll see a message (“Tenor statements are not currently available for this Opportunity”) instead of a blank table.
  • If your bank doesn't have Rate Sheets enabled, and you try to navigate to Rate Sheets by going to the direct URL (e.g., previously we showed you the Rate Sheets page, but you would get an error message when you tried to create a new Rate Sheet. Now, if you try to visit that page and your bank doesn't have Rate Sheets enabled, you'll be redirected to the home page. 
  • We've fixed a bug specific to the Salesforce Loancentric Connector, where when you clicked "Price in PrecisionLender" to price a new opportunity, the loan stage and loan close date were absent. With this fix, we'll show the loan stage and loan close date before the opportunity is saved.
  • Before this release, if your bank had a minimum pricing date configured, you could try to backdate your opportunity's pricing date to before the minimum, which would cause an error but wouldn't explain why you couldn't do that. Now, when you try to backdate an opportunity farther than the minimum pricing date, we'll show a message that tells you your minimum pricing date and asks you to pick a newer date than that.
  • We will now log IP address filter changes and other User Access Settings changes in the Security Audit. If you try to change your IP address filters in a way that would lock your own IP out, we will show you a warning message.
  • We've fixed an issue with Rate Sheets where changing the rate type from fixed to adjustable, and then back to fixed, would cause an error message to appear.