Pricing an Opportunity Using the Salesforce Connector

The Salesforce Connector allows relationship managers to create Salesforce Opportunities, price them in PrecisionLender and see the details of that priced Opportunity reflected in the Salesforce Opportunity, all without any additional login forms in the middle. When pricing an opportunity through Salesforce, there are some differences from pricing an opportunity in PrecisionLender directly. This article will provide a high level overview of pricing an opportunity using the connector. 


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How do I price an opportunity through Salesforce?

Your Salesforce Administrators have the ability to customize configurations within your organization's Salesforce setup. As a result, your opportunity screen in Salesforce and the location of various buttons may differ from the images below. Additionally, your Salesforce permissions will determine what opportunity fields you may or may not be able to edit in Salesforce.

To begin, create a new opportunity in Salesforce.


Shows new opportunity pop-up window in Salesforce


Once ready to price, select the Price in PrecisionLender button.


Shows the Price in PrecisionLender button in Salesforce


The only information that will be sent from the opportunity in Salesforce to the opportunity in PrecisionLender is the opportunity name, the logged in user (who will be assigned to the opportunity), relationship, stage, and close date.


The PrecisionLender Opportunity Screen will appear in either a new tab or new window. Select a loan product to begin pricing your opportunity.


Shows the opportunity screen in PrecisionLender  

Upon saving, the opportunity data will be sent back to the opportunity in Salesforce, which will appear in the PrecisionLender Opportunity Details section. You may need to refresh your Salesforce page in order to see the update.


Shows the opportunity summary in Salesforce after pricing in PrecisionLender


If you need to return to the opportunity at a later time to make pricing changes, open the opportunity in Salesforce and then select the Price in PrecisionLender button.


Which opportunity fields must be updated in Salesforce?

At the top of the opportunity screen, there are a few fields that cannot be edited within the PrecisionLender opportunity screen and must be edited in the opportunity in Salesforce. If you use the Salesforce Connector and also have the permission to login to PrecisionLender directly to view opportunities, this can also help you determine whether an opportunity was priced using the connector. These fields are:

  • Opportunity Name
  • Opportunity Owner
  • Relationship/Account
  • Stage
  • Projected Close Date 

As a reminder, your Salesforce permissions will determine what opportunity fields you may or may not be able to edit in Salesforce.