New Features/Improvements

  • We're introducing some changes to the Relationship Impact tab, which we're now calling the Relationship tab. With this change, we'll be able to support larger relationships and we've updated the Existing Accounts tables with new columns and better sorting and grouping. Andi can walk you through these changes if you type "Relationship" into the Andi window.
  • We will now display a maximum of 25 of each type of core loan account (e.g. 25 loan, 25 deposit, and 25 other) on the Full Opportunity and Executive Summary - Relationship Impact printouts
  • We've updated the Payoff/Renewal field to match the new formatting on the Relationship tab, and we've moved the At Risk field to the right side of the table. 
  • We've removed the "Custom Indices" option for Allowable Float/Adjustable Index Families in the Product Edit Screen, and instead we'll display an "All Custom Indices" option and each individual custom family. With this change, clients using multiple custom indices will have more flexibility to configure their products to use specific indices instead of enabling or disabling all custom indices.
  • Custom Index Families will now display in the Assumptions Tab.
  • When you toggle between scenarios while you're on the Financial Statements, the Notes tab, or the Relationship tab, we will now keep that tab selected. Previously, when you changed scenarios on those pages we would move you back to the first loan in your new scenario.
  • You won't be prompted anymore to create or enter a password when you access the Learning Center from PrecisionLender.
  • We will now allow you to upload negative liquidity adjustments to us via our API.


Bug Fixes

  • When you create a new Rate Sheet, you'll only be able to click the Delete button after you save the Rate Sheet for the first time. Before this release, if you tried to delete a Rate Sheet that hadn't been saved yet, you'd see an error message.
  • We've fixed an issue that was causing an error message to be displayed after you reset your PrecisionLender password.
  • We've fixed an issue where the upper range of a Rate Sheet could be set to a value below the lower range. We will now require you to set your upper range value to greater than or equal to the lower range value. 
  • We've fixed a bug where inactive accounts were being included in the Change in Other Income on the Delivery to Promise dashboard.
  • We've fixed a typo on the Amortization Table where the Accrued Interest Income column was titled Accrual Interest Income.