New Features and Improvements

  • We've made some improvements to the charts at the top of the Relationship Tab and the Relationship Page.
    • Net Funding and Net Commitment have moved to the bottom of the Relationship Impact section, and we've added a toggle to expand or collapse those rows.
    • We've renamed the "Current" column on the charts to "Existing".
    • We’ve also changed the font color to black, bolded the column labels, and changed the thickness of the lines connecting the bar charts.
  • We’ve added a "Check All" box to the Existing Accounts section of the Relationship Tab that will allow you to mark all active loan accounts (or deposits or other accounts) as At Risk.
  • The User Access Settings and Send Welcome Emails screens are now full pages instead of dialogs.
  • When you open the Payoffs/Renewals dialog in an opportunity tied to a relationship with no active loan accounts, we will now hide the empty account grid. The dialog will now look similar to how it would look if you had no relationship attached.
  • We’ve added a “Check All” box to the Payoffs/Renewals dialog on the Opportunity Screen, which allows you to mark all accounts tied to your current relationship as being paid off by the loan you’re currently pricing.


Bug Fixes

  • We've fixed a bug in Rate Sheets where the default prepayment rate wasn't being taken into account.
  • We've fixed an issue where negative values you entered would sometimes change to positive values when you pressed “Enter”.