New Features and Improvements

  • We've added the ability for admins to restrict their users' PrecisionLender accounts to designated email domains in the User Access Settings. When domains have been added to the Limit Accounts field, new accounts will only be able to be created if their domains are on the allowable list.
  • To make it easier to quickly find the account that's being paid off in the Payoffs/Renewals field in an opportunity, we’ve added a dropdown to show specific products and added some logic to show the existing accounts we think are most likely to be marked as being paid off. This sorting will be applied when you're pricing a loan with the same product type as at least one active account in the same relationship.
  • We've added a "check all" box to the At Risk column in the Payoffs/Renewals field to allow you to easily mark all existing loans in the relationship as at risk. 
  • We've updated the grids (e.g. Open Opportunities, Closed Won Opportunities, and Existing Accounts) on the Relationship Page to use the same formatting as we use on the Relationship Tab.
  • We've improved the message we display when a region is deleted to clarify how opportunities will be affected. Previously, the message we showed explained that users in the deleted region would move to a new region, but didn't make it clear that opportunities in the deleted region would not move until they were individually updated.
  • For clients using Alternate Pricing Regions, we will now show the Pricing Region and Owner’s Home Region on the Opportunity Grid.


Bug Fixes

  • We've fixed an issue with the MarginMonitor Rate Sheet emails. The subject line will now read "You have flagged rate sheet(s) to review" and we've removed the Body Input section.
  • We've fixed an issue where our Federal Funds index rates were slightly off. We will now pull the Federal Funds index rates published on the previous business day. Since each day’s effective federal funds rate is published on the next business day, this means the rate used for pricing in PrecisionLender on a given day will be the effective rate from two business days prior.
  • We've fixed an issue where servicing expenses weren't updating properly when other fields affecting your servicing expense were changed.