New Features and Improvements

  • You can now enable or disable individual Opportunity or Relationship printouts in the Print Options area of the Administration section. You can also now configure the ability to display Commitment Schedules for Lines of Credit on the Full Opportunity and Borrower Summary printouts.
  • We've changed the wording of Andi's suggestion to improve your LTV, to make it clearer that Andi's suggestion is to lower your LTV by decreasing your loan's commitment.
  • We've added the ability to configure Line of Credit products to price Offset Accounts.
  • We're improving the Andi skill which detects teaser rates to make it clearer that Andi looks for teaser rates when the initial rate is well below the average adjustable rate. Clients using the Andi Skills Gallery can configure this skill.
  • The "Additional Amount" field on the permanent portion of a conversion loan has been renamed to "Adjusted Amount".


Bug Fixes

  • We've fixed an issue where balloon payments weren't being calculated correctly for loans with a one-month maturity, which was causing the initial amount to be incorrect for some conversion loans.
  • We've improved the error message that we show when you try to reset your password and incorrectly enter your old password.
  • We've fixed a display issue with the Fees modal where the formatting on some Fee fields wasn't consistent.
  • We've fixed a bug where the Loan Amount/Commitment field for Closed Opportunities and the Total Rate field on the Full Opportunity printout were being displayed incorrectly.