New Features and Improvements

  • Clients using multiple currencies will now see their region’s default currency at the top of the Financial Statements page. We’ve also added a “Display Accounts in Priced Currency” toggle, which will be off by default. You can toggle that setting on to view your accounts in the currency in which they were priced.
  • We've made some small visual improvements to the Financial Statements, including replacing the chevron icon to change your profitability calculation to a menu. 
  • We will now support prepayment options in Commercial Loan Rate Sheets. New Rate Sheets will use the default prepayment option set at the product level.
  • We will now display Offset Account impact on the Amortization Table and the Financial Statements


Bug Fixes

  • We will now cap dollar amount guarantees at 100% of the exposure. New opportunities will no longer have a different credit capital when they use a dollar amount guarantee instead of a percentage-based guarantee. 
  • We've removed the search bar from the Opportunity Dashboard, since that dashboard doesn't support searching.
  • We've fixed an issue that was causing us to display different amounts for existing loans' commitments on the Relationship Tab and on the Payoff/Renewal pop-up.
  • We've fixed a bug where the initial rate field for floating rate loans wasn't updating properly when the index was changed.
  • Rate Sheets will now display correctly for users with View Only rights, instead of automatically downloading when the Rate Sheet is opened.
  • When you try to open a page you don't have access to view, we will now consistently redirect you to the Access Denied page.