New Features & Products

  • Advanced Analytics is now visible to everyone without the need for a Security Profile setting
  • We've added a POST Price Ratesheet endpoint to our API
  •  Admins can now set a product's Index Scaling Factor to apply by default to the Index and Spread



  • If you change the pricing date on opportunities with Offset Accounts, we'll warn you if the new pricing date changes your Offset Account values
  • The Borrower Summary printout's footer text will now restrict special characters that could be used to create HTML markup
  • Funding Curve Adjustments and Liquidity Adjustments are now ordered by ascending duration/maturity on the Funding Package printout, with "For All" being last


Bug Fixes

  • Section headers on the Product Edit Screen (e.g. Collateral Types, Guarantee Types) will only be visible if those sections are enabled
  • Icons for Andi's help articles will now be aligned correctly within the Andi window
  • The LIBOR 1-Year funding curve will no longer be an available option for funding packages
  • We will no longer show duplicate loading windows when you save Borrower Summary settings in Print Options
  • We've added some performance improvements for slowness in Rate Sheets
  • The Balance field in an Offset Account will now reflect the currency of the loan
  • Opportunities without loans will no longer show "N/A" in the Net Income Opportunity Target within the footer 
  • The Scheduled Draws/Repays window in Internet Explorer will now be aligned correctly after you add and clear a periodic draw schedule