New Features & Products

  • We're offering more flexibility with Rate Sheets with two new ways to integrate Rate Sheets with your CRM and other tools: 
    • Price quotes from our Rate Sheets directly within a platform with the Rate Sheets Connector
    • Build your own Rate Sheets pricing experience with our Rate Sheet Quotes API, and call our API to send or receive Rate Sheets' information 
  • Admins with full rights will now be able to navigate to the Andi Skills Manager with a new button in the main navigation. To see the button, you'll need full administrative rights. 


  • We're making some improvements to our FTP Cost of Funds calculations. These changes will only be relevant for clients who allow us to calculate their FTP Cost of Funds, and will be visible for those clients after their next RA run.
  • The "Dollar Amount" field in the Guarantees pop-out has been changed to "Amount".
  • We've added titles to the headers of all pop-outs (e.g. Guarantees, Fees, Collateral) on the Opportunity screen.
  • We've added labels to some inputs on the the Opportunity and Delivery to Promise dashboards. 
  • We've made some accessibility improvements, including improvements for users navigating their opportunities using screen readers and additional support for navigating an opportunity with a keyboard.

Bug Fixes

  • We've fixed a bug where the Andi window wasn't always opening correctly when an opportunity was loaded.
  • We removed a non-functional "Delete" button from the Assumptions screen. 
  • We've fixed an issue where when an invalid input was entered in the utilization amount or the commitment schedule, a red error input marker was sometimes applied to valid fields in the column.