The PrecisionLender Data Library is an interface where authorized users can go to find and download prepared data files from PrecisionLender. These files are updated on a regular basis and can be downloaded when needed. New folders and files will be added over time. Your security profile will dictate which folders and reports are available to you as set by your Administrators. This article will cover accessing the Data Library, and enabling and viewing available reports. 


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How often does the Data Library Update?

The data library reports are updated based on the availability of their sources. For reports that are dependent on data from Relationship Awareness (RA), they are updated the day after the RA run. An example of this report is Active Loan Accounts. 

Other reports that do not depend on RA data will be updated every night with changes that were made during the day. An example of this report is Opportunities. 

On each report, the 'Last Updated' date refers to the most recent update to the data in the report. In the case of reports that depend on RA data, this will reflect the day after the last RA run. For others, the last updated date will show the current date. 


There could be discrepancies on the dates if there are issues in the processing. Please contact support in the case of any issues found.


How to Access the Data Library

To view the Data Library, click the Data Library tab in the lower left hand corner of your dashboard. 

The Data Library can be accessed by anyone who has the appropriate Data Library Access permissions selected in their User Profile. PrecisionLender Administrators have the ability to change this permission in a user's Security Profile.



You can then view the available folders in the left side pane. The number to the right of the folder name indicates how many reports and/or files are currently enabled in that folder.

Select a folder name to view all of the enabled reports in that folder. Administrators have the ability to change which folders and reports are enabled.


The Last Update date listed on the folder will refer to the last time data in that report was updated. For Relationship Awareness files (For example, "Active Loan Account"), the date shown on the Data Feed tile reflects the last time we refreshed all our data, which is typically the day prior. The RA data within will reflect your most recent RA run.

To view a complete list and description of the reports/files available in each folder, please sees the Data Library Catalog article. 

If you do not see any reports available, it is possible no reports have been enabled. An administrator with "Manage Report Access" permissions will need to enable the desired reports.


Data Library Report/File Page

The Report/File page is where you’ll be able to download the data file. Some reports will be based on the user’s Region and others will be at the bank level. If it is a Region-level report, your home region will be listed below the report name. To download the file click Download. Initial files will be CSV, but other formats will be available in the future.



Enabling and Viewing Reports and Folders in the Library


Only those with Administrative permissions have the ability to enable and disable reports and folders.

From the Data Library tab, select the folder you would like to enable from the left side pane. If a folder is not active, you will see ‘not enabled’ next to the folder name. The number next to the folder name will indicate how many reports are currently enabled in the folder.

Click the Folder Enabled toggle in the top right of the folder page.



Once you enable the folder, the toggle will appear green. You can disable a folder at any time by switching the toggle back. 

Next, you’ll need to enable the reports you’d like your users to be able to view. To enable a specific report within a folder, click on the report, and then select the Report Enabled toggle so that it appears green.



You can disable a report at any time by clicking the Report Enable toggle again. The report will then be grayed out.


Any reports you enable or disable will also be enabled or disabled for your users.