• We've added a search bar to the product list that appears when you click the "New Opportunity" button to make it easier for clients with lots of products to find the one they need.
  • We've shortened the default maximum amount of time you can be logged into PrecisionLender to 8 hours if you're idle and 12 hours if you're active. When there are 10 minutes until your session is up, we'll show you a warning message prompting you to save your work.
  • We will now show the “Amount” instead of the “Balance” on the Participations pop-up for active loan accounts on the Relationship page. This change will be notational only.
  • We've made some accessibility-related improvements for users navigating the application with a keyboard, and people who use screen readers.


Bug Fixes

  • Our calculations for unlimited guarantees will now assume that the maximum a bank can recover from a guarantee is the entire remaining exposure. This change may result in a slight ROE increase for some loans.

    Before this release, since October 2019 our calculations assumed that the maximum a bank could recover from the guarantee was the exposure times the guarantor recovery. The calculation change we're releasing now is in line with how we treated guarantees prior to October 2019, because we feel it's more consistent with how our clients treat guarantees.
  • We've fixed an issue where all custom indices were being displayed in an opportunity, instead of a specific custom index family.