• Users will now be redirected to a landing page when their session has expired to make it clearer that they've been logged out
  • We've updated the country regulatory risk weights for Zambia, Panama, and Argentina
  • We've added some accessibility improvements, including updated and consistent styling for search bars and menus
  • The Origination and Servicing dialogs in an opportunity now read "Edit" instead of "Add"
  • We've updated the Participations dialog to make it clearer that the inputs for percentages and dollars are linked together. When you edit one, the other will be grayed out.


Bug Fixes

  • We've fixed an issue where the retained amount calculated for participation loans was incorrect
  • We've fixed a bug where the "Add" button in Rate Sheets wasn't styled correctly when you navigated to it using the Tab key
  • We've fixed an issue where Andi's Show Me skill for the Relationship Tab was missing one of the nine steps