The Universal Assumptions option will only appear if your security profile has the Manage Assumptions permission. In this section, depending on your bank's setup, you can find up to four different fields to configure. You can modify how the Swap Fee is amortized, the period in which the Financial Statement is calculated, enable the option to assign a specific Funding Package to a product, and assign Servicing Expense Type. 



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Amortizing Swap Fees

The 'Amortizing Swap Fees' field will only appear if you have the Swaps Package Setting enabled by PrecisionLender. This option will be set to No by default. Changing it to Yes will amortize the Swap Fee over the life of the loan, instead of applying it to the first month of the loan.


Allow Funding Packages on Products

This field will only appear if you have the Funding Package Override Setting enabled by PrecisionLender. Funding Packages are usually tied to a region by default. Enabling this option gives the possibility to assign a specific Funding Package at the product level eliminating the extra step of having to change it in every new opportunity.

If you do not see this option but would like to use it, please reach out to Support.

Note: Make sure there is no product currently using an override funding package before disabling this option.


Financial Statement Horizon


The 'Financial Statement Horizon' will be set to Loan Life by default, but it can be changed to 1 year, 5 years or 10 years depending on your requirements. Once updated, the new calculation will only be applied to the Financial Statement after the pricing date is changed, either forward or backward.

Note: This option does not impact non-credit revenue activity based fees


Servicing Expense Type


The 'Servicing Expense Type' will be set to Product by default, but it can be changed to Product and Region depending on your requirements. Once updated, servicing channels can be enabled at the regional level.