• We've made some improvements to pricing for prospects, for clients with a CRM who are pricing new business that isn't tied to an existing relationship
    • Prospects will now be displayed in the Relationship column on the Opportunity Grid
    • You can now create a new Opportunity from a Prospect's page, which will automatically attach the Opportunity and Prospect together
    • Prospect permissions will mirror Relationship permissions, so your Relationship permissions will determine which Prospects you can see
    • All Prospects will have a default Prospect name, which you can now edit
  • We've added a label to the Opportunity Footer to make it clearer which capital method you're using
  • Rate Sheets, especially ones containing cells with long maturities, will now save a little more quickly
  • Admins can now create a Service User type for Data Studio API access


Bug Fixes

  • We’ve fixed a bug where the "Show Me" tour for pricing a deposit did not correctly indicate the add deposit button
  • We’ve fixed a bug with the connector where loans that didn’t update correctly due to mapping errors were being deleted in Salesforce
  • You can now use the API v2 Opp filter query when your Opportunity names contain commas