• We've moved the Amortization field in Rate Sheets out of the Payment Type dialog and into the column section of the Rate Table. We've also removed the "Is Balloon Loan" checkbox. We've also updated the endpoints in the Rate Sheets API and Rate Sheet Quotes API to support the Amortization changes.
  • The Relationship Tab is now visible within Opportunities tied to Prospects. Only the Relationship Details section of the tab will be shown
  • Prospects attached to Opportunities will now be displayed on the Scenario Comparison and Full Opportunity printouts
  • We've made some styling updates to the Prospects section of the Relationship Grid to make it more consistent with other areas of the grid
  • We’ve added a new Fee Amortization Option to Regional Assumptions: Amortized Over Expected Legal Tenor
  • We’ve added some labels to the fields for additional upfront fees, additional annual fees, total upfront premium, and total annual premium in the Participations dialog
  • The Andi Skills Manager button will now be displayed for Andi Skills Manager users as well as PrecisionLender admins
  • Clients using the LOS connector can now select which loans, deposits, and other accounts to send to their LOS


Bug Fixes

  • We’ve fixed a bug specific to the Salesforce Connector where we set the close date for Opportunities one day behind what was being passed in from Salesforce