New Features & Products

  • To help banks efficiently manage and process the volume of inquiries from their customers, we’ve developed the CARES Act Skill. The CARES Act Skill is a premium offering with a monthly fee, but it will be available for free until May 15, 2020. If you'd like us to enable this skill for your bank, let us know at
  • We’re adding a setting in Universal Assumptions that will allow servicing expenses to be enabled at the regional level in addition to the product level



  • We’ve added the ability to configure deposit products to reflect servicing expenses as a percentage of revenue
  • When we calculate Expected Legal Tenor, we will now round up instead of down
  • We’ve added a search box to the Add Other and Add Deposit dropdown menus in an Opportunity to make it easier to find the Other or Deposit Product you want to price
  • Search boxes in dropdown menus (New Opportunity, Add Other, and Add Deposit) will only be visible when there are 8 or more products to choose from
  • We will now allow the average monthly interest expense to be negative in FTP Cost of Funds calculations


Bug Fixes

  • We’ve fixed a bug where the rate sheet menu count showed “Undefined” instead of “0” when there were no existing rate sheets
  • We've fixed a bug where exchange rates weren't being applied correctly on the Relationship Impact and Full Opportunity printouts
  • We’ve fixed a bug specific to the LOS Integration where the loan close date sent to the LOS on the initial send did not match the opportunity close date in PrecisionLender