• We’ve enhanced our LOS capabilities to be able to set default product mapping between PrecisionLender products and LOS products
  • We’ve added new context queries and commands for Andi skill writers
  • We’ve updated Andi Opportunity Event Data to include the following fields:
    • currencyId
    • currentScenario
    • scenarioId
    • pipelineScenario


Bug Fixes

  • On a floating rate loan, if the spread plus the initial rate is less than the floor, then the floor will be returned by the opportunities v2 API endpoint
  • We’ve fixed an error where users could see an error if they saved a Deposit Rate Sheet with their Capital Allocation set to zero. Instead of displaying an error, the Rate Sheet will now be unable to solve for the target but won’t prevent the Rate Sheet from being saved
  • We’ve fixed an issue where opening the Financial Statements tab would cause performance issues for that opportunity