For security purposes, PrecisionLender users are automatically logged out of their session after a predetermined amount of time. The application defaults for both inactive and active sessions are listed below.

PrecisionLender Defaults Max Session Time
Inactive Session 480 minutes (8 hours)
Active Session 720 minutes (12 hours)

If you would like for the session timeout settings for your bank to be different than the default settings, please contact Support.



Users are prompted with a warning message that their session will expire. They will see a different message depending on whether the expiring session is inactive or active.


Inactive Session

Two minutes before an inactive session is set to expire, users will receive an Are you still working? message. Selecting Continue working will reset the inactive session timer.


inactive session warning message


When the timer expires, the user will automatically be logged out and prompted with a message to sign back in.


log out message


Active Session

For active sessions nearing expiration, users will be prompted with a message with 10 minutes remaining. If this notification is dismissed, the same message will appear when two minutes remain in the active session. Users should save their work at this point as they will be automatically logged out when the active session timer expires.


active session warning message


What Happens When the Session Expires?

Whether it was an inactive or active session, users will be logged out and land on a page where they can sign back in.


log out landing page


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