• We have added a SCIM API, which facilitates the automation of user provisioning while having a single system to manage permissions and groups. If you'd like more information about using our SCIM API, please visit our API documentation or contact us.
  • We've added support for Federal Funds as an Allowable Swap Index Family, set at the product level.



Bug Fixes

  • We've fixed a bug where the "Prospects" filter on the Opportunity grid didn't appear correctly when the page first loaded
  • We've fixed an issue with Rate Sheets where the text in the Index dialog was cut off
  • We've fixed a bug where some return metrics (like RORC or ROEC) shown on the printouts didn't match the return metrics shown on the opportunity page. We will now display all visible return types set in the "General" section of the regional level on the printouts.
  • We will no longer show annualized revenue for Actual One Time Revenue without Term products