Data Studio Dataset Deprecation Process


Data Studio datasets may become outdated for various reasons (e.g. change in schema).  As client integrations have dependencies on these datasets, PrecisionLender maintains a dataset version and deprecation process.


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Dataset Deprecation Timeline 

When a dataset is marked for deprecation, the steps and timeline are as follows:

  • 4 months out - email to affected client banks stating the deprecation is pending
  • 3 months out - dataset is moved into the “Deprecated” stage path
  • 0 days out - dataset jobs are turned off and data stops being updated


Deprecation Communication 

The deprecation email to affected clients will be sent with a request for confirmation and will contain the following:

  • Statement explaining why the deprecation is taking place and whether there is replacement data
  • If there is replacement data, instructions for accessing the replacement data will be provided
  • Timeline for deprecation
  • Effect on the clients' systems at each stage of the deprecation process


Dataset Move to “Deprecated” Path 

We will move the deprecated dataset to the “Deprecated” stage. The client will still be able to access the dataset but under a different path. In order to access the dataset, the client will simply have to update the paths in their jobs to point to the new location.

The purpose of moving the data to the Deprecated path is to make clear and visible to the client the effect of our data change on their processes and systems. 

The dataset move will be conducted via a standard “move” job by the Data Engineering team. At the same time the move is conducted, the batch job producing the dataset in question will be repointed to write into the new location.


Completing Deprecation 

On the final day of deprecation, the job generating the dataset will be turned off. The deprecated dataset will no longer continue to update.