• Added support to the SDK package for all API calls to use oauth instead of basic auth for calls to PL App


Force CRM

  • Added the ability to enable and disable the Account Update and Account delete triggers in the ForceCRM package
  • Added an IsConversionLoan field to the Salesforce managed package
  • Added an Average Regulatory Risk Weighted Assets field to the Salesforce managed package
  • Added the following Swap Fields to the Salesforce managed package:
    • Swap fee
    • Swap profit
    • Floating rate to the bank
    • Fixed rate to the bank 
  • Added Pricing Date and Pricing Region fields to the Salesforce managed package
  • We've updated the following field labels in the Salesforce managed package:
    • Initial Fees is now Total Initial Fees
    • Initial Fees ($) is now Additional Initial Fees



  • Added three additional hashing algorithms: SHA3256, SHA3384, and SHA3512
  • Enhanced bulk hashing to include schedulable apex. This will be relevant for any client updating more than 100 loan or account records nightly.
  • We've modified our core package to allow for hashing of more than 100 records without failure