Force CRM

  • The Winter 2021 Release adds support for pricing Treasury opportunities in PrecisionLender using the ForceCRM integration. When the packages are installed and implemented, clients can have both a credit opportunity and a treasury opportunity associated with a single PrecisionLender opportunity. When users "Price in PrecisionLender" from either opportunity in their CRM, they will be brought to the same opportunity in PrecisionLender. RMs can price the credit portion of the opportunity and Treasury Officers can price the treasury portion, using the upcoming PrecisionLender Treasury Module. When a user saves the PrecisionLender opportunity, the associated credit and treasury data is pushed back to their respective opportunities in the CRM. The PrecisionLender Treasury Module is still in progress, so while the Winter 2021 Release adds support for Treasury pricing, this functionality will only be able to be enabled after the Treasury Module is officially released.
  • The following fields have been added to the custom objects in this release:
    • PLNDR_CRM__PLScenario__c:
      • PLNDR_CRM__Scenario_Pricing_Type__c
    • PLNDR_CRM__PLAccount__c:
      • PLNDR_CRM__Estimated_Units__c
      • PLNDR_CRM__Unit_Price__c
      • PLNDR_CRM__Service_Code__c
      • PLNDR_CRM__Product_Category__c
      • PLNDR_CRM__Product_Sub_Type__c
      • also added a new record type added for this object (Treasury_Account)
  • Added a platform event to the ForceCRM package that notifies the Salesforce org when the PrecisionLender opportunity data push into Salesforce has been completed for all related records (PLAccount and PLScenario) on a single opportunity. The event message the contains the following data:
    • PrecisionLender Opportunity ID
    • CRM Opportunity ID
  • Added a new Apex Class (OpportunityDeleteInvoke) and invokable method (deleteOpportunity) to the CRM package.  This new method will allow you to pass in a PrecisionLender Opportunity ID via Flow or Process Builder and will call the PrecisionLender API and delete the matching PrecisionLender Opportunity.
  • Add invokable method to the CRM package that can be called to delete an opportunity in PrecisionLender via API calls


Force Core

  • Added a new custom metadata type, PLNDR_CORE__Logical_Mapping__mdt, to the Core package. This new metadata record will allow banks to override metadata mapping arguments based on conditional logic. For example, a Logical Mapping record can be used to enhance the PIPL functionality to accept the opportunity id of a related object, allowing users to PIPL into a single opportunity from either related opportunity when they are linked together by a lookup field.


Force LOS

  • Enhanced renewal function to pull data from the renewal loan instead of the parent loan