New Features

Term SOFR and Ameribor rates are now available in PrecisionLender. We will offer the following rates:

  • Ameribor (term rates)
    • Ameribor - 30 Day
    • Ameribor - 90 Day
  • Ameribor - Overnight
  • Ameribor - Average
    • Ameribor - 30 Day
    • Ameribor - 90 Day
  • Term SOFR
    • SOFR 1-Month
    • SOFR 3-Month
    • SOFR 6-Month
    • SOFR 12-Month
  • SOFR
    • We will continue to fully support Libor until the index cannot be relied upon or cannot be sourced.
    • To add Term SOFR as an allowable funding curve to your funding packages, see Setting Up Funding Packages for steps on creating new and editing existing funding packages. If you're creating a new funding package to use Term SOFR, you will need to make sure your regions have your new funding package as an allowable option. See Setting Up and Managing Regions for details on adding or editing allowable funding packages for regions.
    • To add Term SOFR and/or Ameribor as allowable pricing indices for your products, you'll need to edit your products and add them as Allowable Float Index Families and Allowable Adjustable Index Families. You will also be able to set your default Floating or Adjustable Index to Ameribor - Overnight or Term SOFR. For more information on editing your products, visit Setting Up Commercial Loan Products.
    • For more information about this change, see Coming Soon: Term SOFR and Ameribor