2022-01-19 Release Notes (Data Studio)

What is changing?

A version identifier is being added to the storage path for Data Library datasets on Data Studio instances.


Why is it changing?

Data Library datasets are being given a version identifier to better convey content changes as a part of an improved data contract with downstream dataset usage. Versioning will help with easier supportability and compatibility when changes and improvements are made.


Which datasets are impacted?

All Data Library datasets stored on Data Studio instances are impacted.


How does my bank need to prepare for these changes?

Update any existing Data Library dataset references on Data Studio to utilize the new paths which include version identifiers. All Data Library datasets will default to a VersionPartition=v1.0 identifier.

Before this change, a dataset may be read from a L3Library/v1.0/ path prefix.


  • datamart/L3Library/v1.0/Opportunities/Data/WriteTimePartition=20220101-050000/

After this change, datasets should be read from a L3Library/v2.0/ path with a specified VersionPartition.


  • datamart/L3Library/v2.0/Opportunities/Data/VersionPartition=v1.0/WriteTimePartition=20220101-050000/

If you only want the “Latest” for a given dataset, regardless of when it was updated and which VersionPartition it is associated with, that path is available too.


  • datamart/L3Library/v2.0/Opportunities/Latest/record.csv


When are these changes happening?

  • 01/05/2022: New “L3Library/v2.0/” path prefixes were added to Data Studio instances for all datasets. Datasets will continue to also write to “L3Library/v1.0/” path prefixes as well.
  • 01/19/2022: Data Studio clients are notified that “L3Library/v1.0/” path prefixes will no longer be updated in 1 month.
  • 02/16/2022: “L3Library/v1.0/” paths will no longer be updated with new data.