• We've made the following updates to the Other Products setup:
    • Renamed "Operational & Market Risk Capital Allocation" field to "Operational & Market Risk Capital Allocation for Economic Capital" 
    • Added a new field called "Operational & Market Risk Capital Allocation for Regulatory Capital"
    • For existing Other Products, those fields will be set to the same value so you won't experience any calculation changes by default. If you'd like to set the new Regulatory Capital field to something different, you may edit your Other Products. 
  • We have removed FHLB-Topeka as an available option from the Funding Package dropdown. Clients still using FHLB-Topeka are encouraged to switch to a different option that is still supported. See What are my Funding Curve Options? for a list of available funding curves


Bug Fixes

  • We've fixed a bug where negative inputs on Other Products in an opportunity would turn positive if that opportunity was fast-forwarded
  • We've updated the placeholder text that appears in the Relationship Selector search box (visible when choosing a relationship to attach to an opportunity being priced) to remove "Region" as a search term from the list