2022-03-09 Release Notes (Data Library)

What is changing?

Updates are being made to the Active Consumer Loan Accounts and Active Commercial Loan Accounts data sets.

  • A new column for NAICS Code has been added
  • The format of the field Next Adjustment Date has been updated to support better readability (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS AM/PM)

The column header names in the Opportunities report are changing to be more consistent with their definitions and support easier readability. 

  • Non-interest expense will now be labeled Non Interest Expense
  • Pretax income will now be labeled Pre Tax Income


Why is it changing?

The changes are being made to support consistency with their definitions and in supporting better readability.


Which datasets are impacted?

  • Active Consumer Loan Accounts
  • Active Commercial Loan Accounts
Change Column
Updated Next Adjustment Date
Added NAICS Code
  • Opportunities
Change Column
Updated Non Interest Expense
Updated Pre Tax Income


How does my bank need to prepare for these changes?

Any downstream processes that utilize the names or formats of the columns need to be changed to support the updates.


When are these changes happening?

These changes went into effect on Tuesday, March 8th, 2022.