2022-04-15 Release Notes (Data Library)

What is changing?

Improvements to the Relationships Report in the Data Library:

  • All top level parents, parent and child relationships are now listed in the report.
  • A new flag is available to identify top level parent relationships.
  • Field names are being modified for better readability.
  • Fields are being reordered for better accessibility.
  • "Current Commercial Loan Balance" is replaced by "Loan Balance" to include both the commercial and consumer loan balance details of the relationship at each level in the relationship hierarchy.

New Fields:

Field Name Data Type Description
Is Top Level Parent string A flag (Yes/No) to identify the top level parent relationship
Parent Relationship Id string The parent relationship identifier in the relationship hierarchy
Parent Relationship Name string Name of the parent relationship
Top Level Parent Relationship Id string The highest level relationship identifier in the relationship hierarchy
Top Level Parent Relationship Name string Name of the top level parent relationship
Relationship Id guid The unique PrecisionLender identifier for the relationship
Relationship Name string Name of the Relationship
Owner Email string The email address of the owner


Column Name Changes:

Old Column Name New Column Name
Owner Owner Name
Total Strategic Net Income Strategic Net Income
Total Strategic ROE Strategic ROE
Total FTP Net Income FTP Net Income
Current Commercial Loan Balance Loan Balance
Current Deposit Balance Deposit Balance
Core Loan Accounts Interest Income Core Loan Interest Income
Core Loan Accounts Interest Expense Core Loan Interest Expense
Core Deposit Accounts Interest Income Core Deposit Interest Income
Core Deposit Accounts Interest Expense Core Deposit Interest Expense
Current Other Fee Income Other Fee Income


Why is it changing?

These changes clarify the content of some of the data fields and add new data to help users with more relevant information.


Which datasets are impacted?

The Relationships report within Data Library is impacted.


How does my bank need to prepare for these changes?

This change will impact any current processes since it is considered a major change. Any downstream processes that utilize the CSV need to be changed to support the additional columns and the column name changes. Before joining other datasets on Top Level Parent Relationship Id, the dataset should be filtered to only include Top Level Parents using the "Is Top Level Parent" column.


When are these changes happening?

These changes are effective as of today, April 15, 2022.