• After a search field is populated by an Andi skill, we'll continue to persist the search text after the user makes a selection. The only time we'll clear the search field is if the user enters text into the field. 
  • Our IP Whitelist now allows CIDR Block notation for filtering



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would have been encountered on the Connector Settings page within the Integrations area of the Administration section where if you made a change and clicked Close, a modal opened asking if you wanted to save. If you clicked Save, the modal would close and leave you on the page without saving and closing the connector setting
  • Fixed an issue with the risk rating display order on the Product Package and individual Product printouts. Instead of appearing in order, the risk ratings would be jumbled with no discernable order.
  • The pricing date on the following printouts will now display the date according to the requesting user's time zone instead of always appearing in UTC:
    • Executive Summary – Opportunity 
    • Executive Summary – Relationship Impact 
    • Full Opportunity
    • Borrower Summary 
  • Saving a loan with a negative commitment amount will no longer lock a user from editing the opportunity
  • Fixed an issue for clients using CRM integrations using Tax Exempt / Non Tax Exempt fees where when the total initial fees were sent to the CRM, they didn't include the tax exempt portion of those fees.