2022-06-03 Release Notes (Data Studio)

What is changing?

There are two new fields being added to the Core Loan Accounts dataset in Data Studio.


Why is it changing?

These additional columns provide additional information regarding the Loan accounts.


Which datasets are impacted?

Dataset Location
Core Loan Accounts /L3/v1.0/Derived/PL_RelationshipAwareness/Core/CoreLoanAccounts


New version: v2.3

New Fields:

New Field Name Data Type Description
RelationshipAnnualGrossRevenues double The relationship-level annual gross revenues (or annual sales amount)
RateIndex string The name of the index rate that floating- or adjustable-rate loan is tied to


How does my bank need to prepare for these changes?

The addition of these columns will not affect any existing pipelines. The additional columns may be used after the release.


When are these changes happening?

These changes will go into effect on June 3, 2022.