In PrecisionLender, you have the ability to to price activity-based products using Treasury Services. The Premium Treasury Pricing module delivers the power of PrecisionLender to treasury management products, enabling Relationship Managers and Treasury Officers to collaborate using a single pricing and profitability platform from the start of a deal and encouraging more effective cross-sell with relationship-based pricing, leading to improved profitability and more primary relationships.

To price a new treasury opportunity, select New Opportunity. This drop down will provide a list of  Commercial Loan Products around which you can create a new pricing Opportunity. This list is completely customizable and should represent the types of Commercial Loans that you typically price at your institution. Select the applicable Commercial Loan Product name from the list. 


Enter the appropriate information in the fields as you would when pricing a commercial loan and when you are ready, select the Treasury tab.


On the New Opportunity screen, select Add Services. This is where you will have the ability to add services to the opportunity.

The Opportunity Impact window will show your target


In the pop-up window, check the box next to the services you would like to add to the opportunity. These services are configured according to your bank using the Service Group, Service Name, and Service Code. You can also search the list using the search box. Once you have selected all applicable services, click Add.


Now that the treasury services have been added, you are ready to price the opportunity.

The Eligible Balance is the amount entered on the Deposit product. This balance can be used to offset fees towards earnings credit.

The ECR is the earnings credit rate. You can change this rate by selecting the box and entering a new rate.

The Overview section shows an aggregated view of all the Service Groups you have selected. As you enter in the Monthly Volume and Unit Price for each service, you will notice that the numbers automatically update.

In the Opportunity Impact window allows you to view the overall Net Income of the current opportunity based on the information entered. This is useful to visualize what type of impact the treasury services have on the opportunity. 


Select Andi to generate a printable treasury service pricing quote where you can then view all of this information in a pdf format.