From the PrecisionLender dashboard, select Products from the left-hand menu and then scroll down to the Treasury Products section.

To add a Treasury Product, select New.


Product Configurations & Defaults

You will first need to enter a Name for the new treasury product as well as the Service Code

Select a Service Group from the drop-down list.

Enter the appropriate information in the following fields:

  • Operational & Market Risk Capital Allocation for Economic Capital - Capital, or Equity allocated, expressed as a percentage of the balance for the product plus a percentage of revenue.
  • Target ROE - In PrecisionLender the Target ROE is one of the main ways to guide lenders. Technically speaking, PrecisionLender calculates a risk adjusted return on risk adjusted capital (RAROC), however, for simplicity we refer to it as ROE.  It should be noted that these are meant to be targets, not the minimum acceptable ROE.
  • Default Unit Price - The default price for the treasury product.
  • Per Unit Cost - The cost per unit for the treasury product.
  • Percentage of Revenue Cost -The percentage of the revenue cost.
  • Sub Type - Notes whether or not the revenue is recurring or one time.


Available Regions 

Regions for which these settings are active are signified with a check next to the region name. You can select Split Out Region to choose regions to separate from this group of regions so they can have separate assumptions.

Once you have entered all necessary information, select Save to add the treasury product.