Creating a PrecisionLender application within Okta to support Single Sign-On

If you'd like to set up PrecisionLender authentication via Okta, you will first need to create a new Application within Okta.

  1. Log into your Okta administration area and create a new application


  1. Choose the Create New App option


  1. Choose the options shown below:
    • Platform = Web
    • Sign on method = SAML 2.0


  1. Name your application PrecisionLender or something similar

  2. Click Next

  3. In the SAML settings area (on the General tab), you'll need to enter the following information:



    1. SSO URL :

    2. Audience URI (SP Entity ID) : PingConnect

    3. Default RelayState : If you'd like to enable an IdP-initiated login process, the PrecisionLender support team can provide you with a URL to use for the Default Relay State.  This URL varies between PrecisionLender tenants.

    4. Make sure the Application Username is populated by a field that will match the username field within PrecisionLender.  This is usually the user's Okta username or email address.


  1. In the yellow SAML 2.0 section of the Sign-On tab, click the link for Identity Provider Metadata and then provide that resulting URL to the PrecisionLender support team.  This information will be used to populate your SAML metadata into our system.