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Managing Your Account Key

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Your Account Key is a secret token that is associated with your PrecisionLender account. Every user within your organization has a unique Account Key that is generated automatically.

To View your Account Key:

  • Log into the PrecisionLender application
  • Click on your account link in the upper right side of your screen to open the My Account dialog box
  • Your Account Key appears as a string of letters and numbers in the Account Key field

  • You can click on your Account Key to highlight, copy, and paste it to use it elsewhere such as in an Excel web query file
  • Click the Cancel button in the lower right corner to close the My Account dialog box

 To Regenerate your Account Key:

  • In the My Account dialog box, click the Re-Generate Account Key button below your Account Key


  • Please note that immediately after re-generating your Account Key, all previous Account Keys for your account will cease to work


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