Connecting to PrecisionLender

Accessing the PrecisionLender application via a web browser:

The PrecisionLender application is accessed through the following URL:

If you need to whitelist our system for proxy reasons, we do not recommend whitelisting the PrecisionLender application via IP address since that address may change over time.

  • *
    • Additional sub-domains including the following are also used, so a blanket whitelisting of * is recommended
      • the URL your users use to log into PrecisionLender which could be , , or even
  • *
    • This domain hosts Andi®, our virtual pricing analyst service.

If you able to log in to PrecisionLender but are experiencing performance problems e.g. transactions that time-out, check with your network administrator regarding your  HTTPS Packet Inspection policy. If your company does employ HTTPS Packet Inspection it may be necessary to add a "Bypass rule" for the domain, similar to the steps provided here for the Check Point brand firewall solution.


Using the Relationship Awareness upload tool:

Even though this is a command-line tool (pli.exe), it uses the same protocols and ports as the web-based application. The PLI utility hits the following URLs from the command line:


For more information, please see our dedicated article about PLI.exe here:


Email Whitelisting:

PrecisionLender uses several major email service providers (ESPs) to communicate with our clients and users for situations such as:

  • Client support
  • User password reset requests
  • Product update newsletters
  • Automated usage statistics emails

We strongly recommend that all clients whitelist all email coming from the  and domains ( is used for transactional emails such as password resets).


Supporting Domains requiring Whitelisting:

  • Zendesk - Our support center is hosted at Zendesk and many of the resources on our support site are served from:
    • *
  • Wistia - We rely heavily on streaming video content for support and training materials.  These videos are served from:
    • *
    • *


LITMOS Learning Center:

  • Technical Requirements:
    • A Broadband Internet connection
    • Web browser:
      • Internet Explorer 8+
      • Firefox 2+
      • Safari on Mac 1.2+
      • Google Chrome
    • Javascript and Cookies enabled
    • Flash Player 9+
  • Whitelist Information: