Problems printing from PrecisionLender can be easy to fix, or they may be related to specific IT settings. We've included details below about two common areas to troubleshoot or to check with your IT team about if you're having trouble printing. 


Enable pop-ups in your browser

If nothing happens when you click print, your browser may be configured to block all pop-up windows. How to enable enable pop-ups in your browser has more details about enabling pop-ups.


Disable Adobe Reader in Internet Explorer

Try the following steps if you are using PrecisionLender in the Internet Explorer browser.

Often, Internet Explorer has an add-on that opens PDFs inside of Internet Explorer.  This can cause a number of issues, including the inability to save or resize the PDFs.  The easiest solution is to disable this add-on so that the PDFs will be opened in your computer's main PDF viewer, instead of in Internet Explorer.


  • In Internet Explorer click on the Tools menu and select Manage add-ons. (If you do not see the toolbar, press ALT on your keyboard)

Shows the Manage add-ons menu in Internet Explorer

  • Inside the Manage add-ons popup:
    • Make sure that the Show filter is set to All add-ons
    • Find the Adobe PDF Reader add-on and click on it.
    • Then click the Disable button
    • Close the window and all Internet Explorer windows that are open and then relaunch Internet Explorer.
  • Printouts should now open in your desktop PDF viewer

Shows the Manage add-ons popup screen where you can disable Adobe PDF Reader in Internet Explorer